Our mission is to ensure that monies that have been earmarked to help the community, actually help the community (by facilitating home ownership, jobs, opportunity, and training for people who actually live in the community.)

According to a Sun newspaper article, dated January 5, 2016, the City of Baltimore will spend $94 million in Maryland taxpayer dollars to demolish 4,000 houses and displace its residents. In other words, it will cost Baltimore City approximately $23,500 to destroy each house even though it has a documented lack of affordable housing. Instead, why not allow citizens to purchase homes for one dollar, while requiring them to take on a 1% interest direct renovation mortgage from the State of Maryland while training the long-term unemployed in the building trades at a livable wage in the process. We believe that the 1% Dollar House/ Dollar Lot Program is the best way to carry out the H.O.M.E.S. mission as stated above.





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